Pain Solutions

Spine and Joint Pain


Chronic back and neck pain make up one of the most common causes of disability in the country.  Pain may be generated from multiple sources within the spine.  Patients often have multiple changes on imaging. Many of these changes are related to the aging process.  Therefore, a detailed history, exam, and precise diagnostic procedures are vital to ensure that we are able to pinpoint the source of pain among the varied imaging findings.

Nerve Pain


Neuropathic, or nerve pain, is often characterized with burning, lancinating or tingling sensations.  It can be the result of nerve damage from conditions such as diabetes or shingles or prolonged compression. This pain can persist even after surgery.  The reason for this is is unclear but it is believed that there can be "re-wiring" of the nervous system can persist even after the direct trauma is surgically relieved.

Cancer Pain

Pain associated with cancer and its treatment can often be debilitating in itself.  With expert management, patients can reach a balance between pain relief and function.  Treatment options include destruction of pain-generated nerves with precise image-guided injections, medication optimization, and implantation of drug-delivery systems.  All these techniques are utilized to help alleviate pain while the underlying cancer is treated.

Board Certified in Anesthesiology and
Pain Medicine
Vijay Babu, MD